Crushing Snakes Part 3: Death’s Defeat

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"O Death where is your victory," 1 Corinthians 15:55

A Look at “Crushing Snakes” Part 2

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"His eyes are like a flame of fire..."

A look at Crowder’s “Crushing Snakes: Showdown ft. TAYA”

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First look at Crowder's "Anime Jesus" from the music video for "Crushing Snakes."

Fortress of the Most High
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Where do you go in your times of distress?
Your Resolve During 2020
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What holds your family together?
The Christmas Cynic
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It's December again and the Christmas cynic has made its way into your head, to dull your feelings for another season.
A Present Vote for A Future Reality
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Our vote is for our future, what that looks like is our disagreement.
Happy “Birthed Again” Day
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Thoughts on my birthday about being born again.
To The Class of 2020
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"It wasn't what we expected, but it doesn't define us!"Matthew
Enough For One Day
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In a time where we are uncertain of the future, how can believers show their trust in God? How can we show we are different.
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