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“He approaches the subject with humility, and he manages to portray Hannah in a surprisingly sympathetic light. Diaz sees every tragedy as an opportunity to learn from God—a perspective that seems to serve him well. There may be similar memoirs with more polished narrative structures, but the sincerity that pervades Diaz’s book does much to buoy its emotional impact.

An honest, loving account of losing someone and finding them again.”

Kirkus Review May 2019

Amazon: 5 out of 5 stars

“I came to this book during a time when grief was threatening to swallow me whole. Someone close to me had just taken their own life and the intense struggle of pain, guilt, anger, and overwhelming confusion drowned out the world. I felt so alone. …And then – this book.

It felt like I was walking alongside him as he processed his grief…and lo and behold…I wasn’t alone and it turns out someone had found all the words I needed to hear.

I am so thankful for the raw vulnerability present in these pages. For pointing me to the deep beauty in the midst of drowning grief.”

Amazon Reviewer May 8, 2019 3 out of 4 stars

“I most like Diaz’s heartfelt honesty as he shares the painful memories of his own shortcomings in relating to his sister. He is brutally transparent, and at times, his emotions are raw. Anyone who has walked through mental illness or addiction with a loved one will relate to Diaz second-guessing his reactions to his sister. I also appreciate his willingness to share the lessons he learned from Hannah’s life and their relationship.” May 2019