Fortress of the Most High
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Where do you go in your times of distress?
Scars & Pink Hearts
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The stirring of a story that would become The Last
Three Truths to Becoming a Resilient Person
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I had the opportunity to share a message with a
Young Pastors…Put Your Family Before the Church!
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Sometimes we confuse loving God first, with loving the church,
Love – Teach – Prevent
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Rapha House Kid's Club is where it's at. This is
Time Stand Still
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I tend to look at my life in terms of
Commencement Blog 2019
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What will the next four years of your life look like?
The Year of 5’s
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Five years ago, we moved to Phoenix to be closer
When have I written enough?
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When do you stop writing? Whether it be a book, poem, journal entry or an assignment? When do you feel like you have included everything you were supposed to include to either ace it or simply pass the minimum expectations?
Memoirs of a Guy… (Bad movie pun)
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Which guy? This guy. Seriously, as I started writing back
A Book In Progress!
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"You call me out upon the waters, The great unknown