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A Path Obscured (Original Blog Posts)

My first reflections after my sister’s passing started here.  In a series of blogs I wrote for my friends, family and students, I tried to both process my life and start a relevant, serious yet comical at times blog.  This was also a very stressful time in my life and after the sixth post I hit writers block.  This is where I first started getting my thoughts together for the current book project: The Last Day of Regret.

Exposition of Sorts Original posting date 1/23/14
Deconstructing and Exegeting My Life Par 1 of 2 Original posting date 1/27/14
Deconstructing and Exegeting My Life part 2 of 2 Original posting date 2/5/14
Hannah’s Path Original posting date 2/13/14
The Spirit’s Path Original posting date 2/20/14
Packed and Unsettled Original posting date 2/28/14   

An Outsider Voice: For Cambodia – For Freedom (Original Blog Posts)

I have had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia two times and plan on returning with at least fifteen high school students in June of 2019.  The five part reflection below is how I processed and informed the community around me about why taking to students to Cambodia was important and life changing.  One of my deepest passions is raising awareness of Human trafficking and Cambodia is one of those dark places.  In this series I try to piece together the history of the Khmer people that has lead to the problem of spiritual and physical darkness that has befallen upon the young girls in this country.  As I write, my philanthropic endeavors will be to Rapha House, a faith based organization dedicated to three things: love, rescue and heal.

Main Page Created July 2017
Part 1: Introduction Original posting date 7/4/17
Part 2: Vietnam War Original posting date 7/5/17 |
Part 3: Poverty Original posting date 7/6/17
Part 4: Genocide Original posting date 7/7/17
Part 5: Post Trauma Original posting date 7/10/17