The Hate You Give…is it Murder?

Hate Begets Hate


One of the most revolutionary, enlightening, and challenging statements on morality came from Jesus of Nazareth.


“Turn the other cheek.” Matthew 5:29

While some people easily paint this with broad strokes to point at groups of people, entities, or governments; it is more convicting when applied individually.

The reality is this statement is directed at you, the reader. Without a doubt, this prevents you from hiding behind the guise of the mob. There is no one to justify your own mistakes when you hear these words from the greatest teacher of morality.




Unquestionably, we are all called out. We are tried and found guilty of the most grievous of errors. When we read the words of the Messiah, two radical ideas emerge. One is the reality of your actions and the other is the antithesis of our cultural norms.

First, if you hate someone, you are no better than a murderer (Matthew 5:22). It is hypocritical to stand in judgement of criminals while harboring hatred toward your enemy.

You are not off the hook, simply because you have the restraint to not carry out your vicious  thoughts. The moment hate towards another person emerges in the heart and you entertain it and nourish it, you have fallen. There is no place for hate among God’s people.



What about if someone hates you and persecutes you? What if they fling vile and putrid words at you? Shouldn’t we respond with hate for hate? What happened to an eye for an eye?

This is the second radical idea, “Turn the other cheek,” the master says. Hate only begets hate and someone has to stop it. It’s not about avoiding getting hurt again, it’s about stopping this destructive beast.


The Easy Way


To investigate this idea further, one could argue that hating your enemy is easy. It’s easy because it is accepted in our culture and in almost every culture since humans have existed. It is only in this deeply rooted Judeo-Christian belief that we find a higher truth that hate and murder are morally equivalent. 


Therefore we forgive; for ourselves, our enemies, and for the sake of the King who commands it.


Can you forgive not just when asked but forgive even when it has not been requested?


Higher Standards


All this is to say that if this is the line for murder, then wishing someone dead and being thankful that someone you dislike has lost their life is abhorrent.

I have never wished anyone to be dead or celebrated that someone I disliked has fallen to cancer. If your politics has stunted your morality so low that you relish in the thought of a political opponent to be dead and then celebrate when they meet their maker, you have no moral authority.


Furthermore, if you hate someone and are yourself imperfect, then you as the judge are inadequate. A sinful person should never wish death upon someone else.


Reality of Hate


If you wish to convey truth, facts, science, humanity, and justice then wishing death upon those you disagree with is shameful. To boastfully celebrate across your social media platforms that you are glad your political opponent is dead and hope they are in some form of hell for getting what they deserve, reveals that you have lost your way. You have lost your moral high ground.

If you want to know why people disagree with your politics, it probably has to do with the blatant hypocrisy and double standards you don’t realize you adhere to.

You must do better and be better. Finding joy in the death of someone you dislike is murder and you are no better than those who stormed the capital seeking to do harm. No better than any person who has caused death and destruction in the wake of their angry rampages. Whether it is a rioter or an abuser.

Repent, turn back, and seek peace while the Lord is near.

“Seek the LORD while he may be found; call upon him while he is near;7 let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. – Isaiah 55:6-7

In Truth & Love,

Matthew J Diaz


Looking forward to your addition to this dialogue.