My name is Matthew J. Diaz, a native to Arizona, and I wrote a book called, “The Last Day of Regret” and I want to share my story with the adults and teenagers in your ministry.


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I have been involved in student ministry in some capacity since 2001.  I started as a volunteer during my senior year of High School in my church’s Middle School group.  In college I was a part-time intern during the year and full-time intern during the summer months. I eventually was invited on staff than ordained a few years after that.  In 2013, God brought my family to the valley and I have found my ministry as a New Testament Bible Teacher. After the 2020 school year ended I have taken a new path. I spent some time as a curriculum developer at Grand Canyon University. I am currently working from home as an online history teacher and devoting more time to writing and blogging.


A memoir about life, death and finding hope.

Book promo and speaking Introduction

The Last Day of Regret

The memoir I have written is about my relationship with my sister Hannah who died in November of 2013. The book covers issues of depression, suicide, behavioral and mood disorders, drugs, pre-marital sex, judgement, boundaries, death, grief, regret, guilt and moves toward a message of hope that is founded in the Gospel message. I can cater my message to fit the needs of your adults and teenagers as you see appropriate.


I would be honored to be a guest speaker and share my story of how God has used this story to impact me and others around me. To get more information, contact me at

Purchase The Last Day of Regret here

Now available on Kindle (eBook as well), paperback, hardcover and audiobook.