A Look at “Crushing Snakes” Part 2

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"His eyes are like a flame of fire..."

The Christmas Cynic
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It's December again and the Christmas cynic has made its way into your head, to dull your feelings for another season.
Happy “Birthed Again” Day
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Thoughts on my birthday about being born again.
To The Class of 2020
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"It wasn't what we expected, but it doesn't define us!"Matthew
Just Across the Jordan
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Photo by Jonathan Powell "21 Years by TobyMac is filled
Scars & Pink Hearts
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The stirring of a story that would become The Last
Kanye West: Don’t Shoot the Messenger
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Kanye west has been wading through Hollywood and the media
God is love, but what is love? (Que the music)
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I recently came across a cartoon with a quote about
The 4th Advent
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Christmas is the first advent, I believe there are four advents. Two more that proceed Jesus' birth and one still to come.
Christian Songs Gone Wrong Part 1
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A critique of a popular song about the prodigal son.
Is Substitutionary Atonement Necessary?
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Is the concept of substitutionary atonement biblical? Many Christians are starting to question a foundational concept in scripture that has been believed for two thousand years. Here is a defense of our faith.
What do you do when God is silent?
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I was asked to write a post responding to this