Speaking Engagements

Helping teenagers and adults understand suffering.

My name is Matthew J. Diaz and I am one of the Bible teachers at Northwest Christian School (NCS) here in Phoenix, AZ. I recently wrote a book called, “The Last Day of Regret” and want a chance to share my story with the adults and teenagers in your ministry.

I have been involved in student ministry in some capacity since 2001.  I started as a volunteer during my senior year of High School in my church’s Middle School group.  In college I was a part-time intern during the year and full-time intern during the summer months. I eventually was invited on staff than ordained a few years after that.  In 2013, God brought my family to the valley and I have found my ministry as a Bible teacher for the past five and a half years here at NCS.

A memoir about life, death and finding hope.

Outside of teaching the New Testament Epistles To 11th grade students on a daily basis, I have spoken to our 450+ High School students at our chapel services and at our beginning of the year camp setting. I’ve been a part of the spiritual formation of the staff at various times. As I wrote this book, I envisioned being able to step into the preaching arena once again as a support to high school ministries, churches and para-churches across the valley.

Book promo and speaking Introduction

The Last Day of Regret

The memoir I have written is about my relationship with my sister Hannah who died in November of 2013. The book covers issues of depression, suicide, behavioral and mood disorders, drugs, pre-marital sex, judgement, boundaries, death, grief, regret, guilt and moves toward a message of hope that is founded in the Gospel message. I can cater my message to fit the needs of your adults and teenagers as you see appropriate.

I would be honored to be a guest speaker and share my story of how God has used this story to impact me and others around me. To get more information, contact me at matthew@thelastdayofregret.com.

Now available on Kindle (eBook as well), paperback and hardcover.