Jesus never had an abortion!

Of course not because he was a male, but it sums up my exegetical biblical position quite well. We can’t simply base our theology on what the bible doesn’t say or what Jesus didn’t do.

Four arguments used for abortion by Christians, and how Christians should respond. (If you are a professing believer and this post upsets you, consider my arguments before condemning my words.)

1. Quality of Life

One argument comes down to the value and quality of life.  The assumption is that an unwanted child will not have a high quality of life and therefore has no value.  The other assumption is that a woman’s quality of life will diminish and therefore the baby has no value.

If gender is 50/50, then we are automatically removing a female fetus of their right and their body. The only way around this is that we have reduced the value of a baby in the womb to not a life and therefore, no rights. When we say rapists have more rights than a pregnant woman, I would argue the baby inside has the least. Who has absolutely no control over whether or not they are born? EVERYONE!

Did you know less than 1% of rape victims and less than .1% of incestual rape victims are reasons abortions were performed in 2017? In 2017 there were 879,000 abortions performed, a little over 900 abortions occurred for reasons outside of a woman’s control.

Why is the foster care system brought up as if its this great evil, child prison that every baby not aborted will be forced into?  All children brought through the foster care system should be offended by this and all people tirelessly working to be a part of the positive work done by foster care workers should be offended as well.

We are euthanizing our children because the foster care system is hell on earth?  We are sparing them from life because no life is better than the foster care system?  Again, any foster care children or those adults who were brought through the system who are not offended by this, should be.

Why is no life better than life, no matter the quality of life we can offer them?  Have you been to a third world country?  Do you understand why we have hundreds of thousands of people crossing our borders and willingly surrendering to law enforcement? It is because our quality of life in the U.S.A. is one of the best in the world.

You think we should take care of the children that are already here, and not bring new ones in.  Well then why do some of these same people believe in open borders, to bring in other children, when we can’t even take care of our own?

If we should take care of all the children in our “broken” foster care system then we need to close our borders as well because of the same logic.  We have to take care of our own before bringing new life into the country.

If I’m pro-life, I’ve been told I have to fix the foster care system and it is the burden of all Christians who profess a pro-life stance to care about this first.  Does that mean if I support abortion then I do not have to care about foster care children? I’m doing my part by supporting population control?

*Side Note*
If you are not a believer, use birth control.  If you are so adamant that a baby is an inconvenience to you then use birth control…it makes no sense to be sexually active and not prevent getting pregnant in the first place.  If you are a Christian than read your bible. That is my attempt at meeting the culture half way.  I’ll give you birth control and remove the death penalty if you will ban abortions.  Pro-Life for all, no matter the circumstances and the ability to prevent conception to begin with. If I were a politician this would be my stance. However, as a bible teacher, Christian and pastor I believe and tell my students the best reality for sexual intercourse, by God’s design, is within a trusted committed marital relationship.  The best sex you will have is with someone whose heart is fully committed to you, in word and deed, and proclaimed to all, in the site of God through a vow of marriage.

2. The Slippery Slope

Women are not getting punished, the doctors who perform them are, let’s just be clear on that.  On a side note, the beauty of states rights is that there are still places you can go to get an abortion, I hear New York is a safe haven for abortions.  Not that I favor this, but that’s where states’ rights are beneficial.

Are you afraid of a conservative wave sweeping over the country and for Roe V Wade to be overturned?  That is the belief in a slippery slope and is used to promote fear.  I know because this is history.  Our entire foreign policy post WWII to 1989 was the slippery slope, that if one country falls to communism, the next one will.  The danger of following the slippery slope has been contested by the left for decades.  It is what conservatives use to argue against Gay Marriage.  Conservatives say, “What’s next if we allow this; polygamy or legalizing pedophilia?” I hope you sense the extremism and my sarcasm within the argument.

Let’s either agree we can all use the slippery slope dilemma, or no one can!

3. I’m not Pro-Abortion

A new position in our rhetoric has occurred, because some Christians recognize that being pro-choice or pro-abortion has a negative connotation within certain circles.  A new choice of words is stating that a person is not pro-abortion on a personal level, but is okay with it for someone else.

Are you okay with someone taking their own life?  Shouldn’t we let people decide their own fate? What if a person doesn’t have the mental capacity to tell us if they value their own life enough to live it? I’m not saying we should pursue all these ends but the logical argument of letting others make their own choice has its limits. 

You may not personally smoke marijuana but you don’t care if someone else does so you vote to legalize marijuana.  I don’t smoke marijuana, and I don’t want others to do this either, so I vote to keep it illegal.  We impose our views on everyone all the time with how we vote.  What if I do smoke marijuana and I want everyone to be able to as well, I’m going to vote to legalize it.  What if I don’t think people should have guns, then I’m going to vote for more gun control.  What if I think everyone has the right to have as many guns as they want, I vote on it.  We impose our beliefs on others all the time with how we vote. 

My point is this, to say “I don’t want to impose my beliefs on people,” when it comes to public policy is a farce.  You either vote what you believe should be enforced on all because if you do not vote then you are letting other people decide for you.  If you don’t vote pro-life, then you are pro-abortion and if you don’t vote then you are abdicating your vote to the majority and your belief will be decided for you. 

4. What does God want?

I read a post recently that was upset with Alabama invoking the name of God in its decision to pursue a strict abortion ban, which had women in the decision-making process by the way.  In response to this article someone had apologized for all Christians for this decision, that it wasn’t a matter of left or right politics but a matter of right vs wrong. The right vs wrong, to them, in God’s eyes, was the ability for a woman to choose what is best for her.  The moral statement, made by a fellow Christian, is boiled down to this: a person has the right to do what they want with their own body.

God giving humanity the right to decide for themselves what is morally right and what is morally wrong is ludicrous and against thousands of years of not just Christian but Jewish teachings as well.  Man, nor woman, decides what is right for their body, God does.  We go to the creator and ask, why did you create me and how am I supposed to live as you have designed me?  People are searching for scriptures to see where it says that abortion is wrong.  Where does it say abortion is right?

Where does it say taking fentanyl to get high is wrong? Where does it say it is right?  In the absence of possible biblical uncertainty, we do not base our moral compass on what the bible doesn’t explicitly inhibit or prohibit.  We also must look to where the biblical authors have placed implicit moral imperatives as well.  If you are a Christian, read your bible and tell me where a woman, or man, has dominion over their own body.  It’s not there, both explicitly and implicitly.

Now for how we live with unbelievers, we are not commanded to, nor should we expect unbelievers to follow our laws.  HOWEVER; and this is the big one, we live in a country where we have the freedom to choose laws that impact everyone based on how we see society should function. As a Christian, it is not wrong for me to vote based on my moral beliefs because if I don’t, then I’m letting someone else with their own moral beliefs impose their views on me.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

One final Thought…

What does God want? This is what our theology has come to? God wants us to be God and condemn the innocent? However, not even He does this, though he can if he wanted to because he is God.  Where is our faith?  God can no longer work through his people so therefore we need to allow these irreversible decisions of removing the chance of an amazing life, filled with all the good the world has because God is sustaining what good is left?  Is life in the USA so bad that it is not worth living? 

As my mom always says, two wrongs don’t make a right.  No matter the circumstances a woman becomes pregnant, chosen or not, taking a life does not change the first wrongdoing into a right. 

My hope is that…

“…God will allow you to see life for what it truly is: precious, fragile and meaningful.” – The Last Day of Regret

In Truth & Love,
Matthew J. Diaz

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