A Culture of Life or Death?

In honor of National Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

Pro-Life vs Anti-Abortion: is there a difference?

It’s the same as saying, “I’m not pro-choice, I am anti-life.” Anti-life sounds worse, which is why the pro-choice wording was chosen to place the focus on the rights of a woman instead of on the life of the unborn fetus. Not a baby, but a fetus, because it makes it less human. It’s a war of words for one side and a war for morality on the other.

The newest argument against pro-lifers is the accusation that people who are fighting to end abortion cannot call themselves pro-life. If these people really cared about life, they would care about life after birth. The continued accusation is that since pro-life groups only focus on ending abortion, they are simply anti-abortion but do not care about the child once it is born. These pro-life groups prevent abortions from happening but do not enable life after. This is a heavily loaded accusation with many assumptions made and hypocrisy from the accusers. You can read more about this idea from a previous blog here.

I’ll simply say here that accusing pro-lifers of not doing enough once the child is born is basically admitting that pro-choice people don’t care about the child after it’s born either, because their whole stance is simply to eliminate the baby to begin with and therefore there is no child to care for after birth.

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Pro-life verses anti-abortion, what is the difference? The left would have you think there is one, but in reality they are just reinforcing the pro-life position. If all I care about is making abortion illegal and not about the life once it is born, argumentatively, it is still better than abortion. All the left is saying, in their own words, is that since we don’t care about the quality of life after birth then we should abort the baby.

The quality of life after birth cannot be a justifiable reason for aborting the baby. We do not use this measurement anywhere else in life, accept when it comes to euthanasia, which is another discussion to include.  Another topic has to be suicide.

In fact, suicide is on the rise and as we are seeking to fight against this disease, we are seeking to reinforce a person’s value in life and their quality of life as a means to treat them. Herein lies a contradiction in our society. We are saying that there are circumstances in which a person can decide for themselves or someone else, when their life would be better terminated then lived. Except when it comes to suicide, it is labeled a disease.

However the reality needs to be that either killing is okay or it is not okay.

This is the faulty thinking with pro-choice groups and the consistency with Christian values.  The Christian view point is that it is never okay to take your own life, take the life of an innocent unborn child or allow a person to alleviate their own suffering either because of a sickness or because of a psychiatric disorder.

Without having to get into too many offshoots of the argument like a DNR, or if a person is declared brain-dead, let’s keep the discussion to a society focused on life or death.

If euthanasia is permissible and abortion is permissible then there is no reason for suicide to not be acceptable.  The answer to life’s problems is death.  That is the lie our society has bought into as truth, however, our society knows it is absurd to say suicide is permissible. 

If a person has decided their own quality of life is not what they want, then why can’t they take their own life?  Why can’t we provide adult abortion facilities where people can be peacefully put down? Why not provide safe ways for people to commit suicide on their own terms?

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The reason is because the desire to take your own life is associated with irrationality and a psychosis.  As a society, we define the desire to live as normal.  However, we muddy the water when it comes to someone who knows they are going to suffer and die due to cancer or some other illness.  We are either a society focused on the value of living or we are not.

Maybe a solution to our suicide problem lies within this change in values.  We need to value life in all forms and stop saying the quality of life is a defining factor in abortion and euthanasia.

Let me make myself clear, when suicide becomes permissible and acceptable in our culture, we are doomed.  We will have officially crossed a line that we cannot come back from.  Some think we have already reached that point, but I still think this is our last stronghold for reasoning.  Once suicide is permissible, we no longer have any standing point for reason for which to argue from.

Our culture of death will become all consuming, and the human logic will reach its epitome and our culture will regress more than it ever has. If I were to create a dystopian society, that is a prediction for our future, it will be voluntary suicide provided free of charge by a government that has manipulated the people into devaluing life and leaving power in the hands of the political oligarchy.

Pro-Life exhibit 10/22

I am pro-life in all it’s forms. This is a life we fight for, that people have died for and that God has seen fit to give us. May we treasure this life and all of its challenges. May we not judge the quality of one’s life as a means to end their life. Life, in and of itself, is a miracle and we need “To seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.” Micah 6:8

In Truth & Love,
Matthew J. Diaz

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