4 Reasons for Abortions

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women who have had an abortion and it was a difficult and heartbreaking choice, I am so sorry. God loves you and has great things for you. His grace is sufficient.

There are reasons for abortion that sound progressive and morally just. However below you will find four overlooked reasons that other people might not want to admit to.

1) Population Control

The executive director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune, isn’t the first to say that abortion helps with “sustainable population.” It’s not just a problem of overpopulation, it’s an environmental problem, more people means more resources needed. It’s survival of the fittest. If there is no God, and we are gods then we have to control our fate. Practically speaking then, we need to weed out those unable to or unwilling to bring a fetus to full gestation and give them a choice, a way out of an uncertain future. If God has the ability to control people’s fate, why can’t we?

2) Inconvenience & Convenience

Getting pregnant is an inconvenience and we have found a convenient way to deal with the issue. The law passed in New York moves beyond convenience, it now mixes the message with health. It’s not simply about medical health, but about mental health or even economic health. Economic consideration is the definition of convenience. Are people realizing a baby is a big responsibility, not a problem because they have 40 weeks to think about it now.

3) Politics

People on the left accuse pro-lifers of being one issue voters. However it’s the same argument both ways. Pro-choice can be a political winning ticket. It’s almost assumed if you are liberal you are pro-choice, one issue. There are some democrats who are pro-life, however they seem to be a dying breed, this one issue of being anti-abortion is not accepted by the Democratic Party as a whole.

4) Pagan Worship

Ancient Carthage (800 B.C.) has been found to practice infant sacrifices to their god’s. The University of Oxford says there is overwhelming evidence that this culture and some surrounding cultures would make sacrifices at tophets where the remains have been found today with other animal remains. The killing of offspring is not cultural progression, far from it, it’s regression by thousands of years. Even the Israelites were commended not to sacrifice their offspring to Molech. There is nothing new when discussing a lack of rights for children, babies and the babies separated from the outside world by a few layers of skin.

Here is my actual point, if you haven’t picked up on the satire of this piece. There is a serious issue with the recent passing of the Reproductive Health Act which allows for abortion past 24 weeks if the fetus is nonviable or the woman’s health is at risk. Critics of the bill say the vagueness of “health” can be almost anything decided on between a woman and her physician (Even mid-wives can perform this now). It is possible, due to mental health issues or financial stress, that a woman can receive an abortion up until birth.

A fully grown baby, one that is viable and able to survive outside of the womb can now be aborted at any point in the third trimester. This is not abortion. The definition of abortion is: to bring forth stillborn, nonviable, or premature offspring. Killing a baby because of a woman’s non life threatening health risk does not fit this definition. What was passed in New York is an infant death penalty. In a state where the death penalty is illegal, there is a loophole.

The state has allowed for politicians to make a ruling on who gets to live and die out of purely subjective reasoning. Somehow a person who has been convicted by a group of their peers will get a maximum life sentence in jail. A baby just weeks away from birth does not have this same right, and it has done nothing wrong.

The criminal code changed too, if you have to make something murder, not murder, then we have lost our way. What’s wrong is not wrong anymore but is now right.

One last thought, words are powerful and notice how it’s the woman’s health that is the concern. People who speak of pro-choice hardly use mother in their discussion of abortion. That would be too presumptuous to think of a pregnant woman as a mom.

But what do I know, if my mother had gotten an amniocentesis performed and found my chromosomal abnormality which caused my hearing loss, she could have aborted me. After all, I couldn’t possibly have a meaningful life with a wife and four kids of my own. Thank the Lord she allowed me to live.

In Truth & Love

Matthew J. Diaz

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Photo Credit: Bryan Smith

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    1. This post was meant to give information not talked about when talking about abortion. The history of roe v wade and women’s rights was not the angle for this piece.

          1. Either one or both. It’s your investigation. I trust you are intelligent enough to search it out fully for yourself without needing my direction.

          2. It sounds like you have something specific in mind. A fair criticism of an article gives specifics as to what the actual issue is you have with the content. Otherwise speaking in generalities doesn’t provide any discourse or exchange of information. If you make the accusation I don’t know something, then be fair and tell me what it is I am uninformed about.

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