Dystopia Now: Part 3

The fires in Australia, the locusts in Africa and now a world wide plague. Is God trying to tell us something? In 2 Chronicles 7:13 it says that God will withhold the rain, causing fires, and He will send locusts, billions of locusts on the Horn of Africa, and He sends a plague, Covid-19. Does … More Dystopia Now: Part 3

How to introduce teens to the global Church —

By Matt Diaz Original link: https://ciy.com/kwhub/text/how-to-introduce-teens-to-the-global-church There is a multitude of resources, organizations, churches and movements to spread the Gospel to all regions of the earth. The Gospel consists of not just a message of hope but a message of healing that Jesus has come to rescue us all. We must communicate this message of … More How to introduce teens to the global Church —